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TrezorBitX – lucrative investment opportunity

TrezorBitX looks like your normal bitcoin HYIP from the surface, but when you dig a little deeper you start to see some of the differences. The first one is that you will need a referrer to sign up, and the second is the effort that has gone in to building this program. Oh, and this one actually has quite a few $10,000 deposits from serious investors. The question is, should you invest?


Firstly, let’s get one thing clear – this is still a HYIP – and as many of you already know, all HYIPs will eventually end. HYIP investing is risky, and if you are unsure then take a look at my basics page. However, this one has had much more effort put into not only the site design, but also into building a solid program. This is certainly not one of the 2 day scammers that we are starting to see more of.

What makes TrezorBitX Different?

One of the main differences is that TrezorBitX does a lot of it operations offline, which means it actually has guys on the ground that meet face-to-face with investors to gather support for the program. As such, this program is for the more serious investors. This is apparent with the deposits of $10,000 or more. Let’s face it, no one in their right mind would put that much bitcoin into SolidBit.

The other main difference is that you require a referrer, or direct sponsor, to sign up to the program. This makes the program a bit more like the old schemes that spread by word-of-mouth and are built more on trust, rather than the fast-buck referral systems we are used to nowadays from most HYIP monitors.

So, if you are one of those people who trawl my site for investment ideas and go off and invest without using my links, then you are fresh out of luck with this one. However, if you are one of my loyal investors, then you will be pleased to know that I am offering 100% RCB an insurance package of $500 (in btc) if you invest when using my link. See below for full details.

There are a few other differences which I’ll also briefly mention, like multiple layers of security, Cloudflare DDOS protection, and even an admin that is responsive and helpful. But ultimately all that really matters is if it pays or not – and yes it is. So, if you are sick of the fast scams, then this is program for you.

Investment Plans

TrezorBitX has three plans based on how much you invest. The first plan is 3.5% daily, principal included for 60 business days with a minimum investment of $20. The second plan is 4.0% daily for deposits from $10,000 up to $25,000, and the third plan is 4.5% daily for deposits from $25,000 to $50,000. Yeah, serious stuff.

Anyway, the site is bitcoin only to keep it nice and simple. Withdrawals are instant at time of writing, but there is a fee of 0.0005 for each withdrawal, so keep that in mind if you invest bitcoin at the lower end.

Stacks Insurance

For TrezorBitX I am offering an insurance package which covers investors for 30 days (until the 23rd of December). Simply make your investment using my referral link within 14 days (by 7th of December) and you are covered right up until the end of the 30 day period.

So, do the math and work out if it is right for you. Hint 30 days x 3.5% = ??? So, if it ends before the 30 days you already have some return and then you get paid more out of the insurance fund. If it runs longer than 30 days, you are over 100% anyway. Regardless, always remember the risks and never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.


  • You must sign up under my ref link and be an active investor
  • Fund Size: $500 (of btc)
  • Insurance Coverage: variable up to 100%
  • Maximum Cover: $100 per referral
  • Expires: 7th December 2016 (last day to invest to be eligible)
  • Cover Period: Up to the 23rd December 2016 (no payout if still running)
  • Redemption: within 48 hours after scamming (time of scam determined by me)

To Claim

To claim the insurance you need to check this page for a special form which will appear here after TrezorBitX ends. The form will only be valid for 48 hours and is the only way to claim. Simply fill in your details when it appears and submit the form. Once the claim period closes, I will contact you and the fund will be divided up between valid recipients on a pro-rata basis; i.e.- the more you have invested, the more you get back.

NOTE: The insurance package takes the place of the original RCB offer. If you invested under that you are automatically covered by the insurance.

Insurance claim has now finished

Insurance Payout Details

InvestorInvestedDaysReturnClaim AmountPayout (BTC)

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    1. I did – read the post above. Just invest on or before the 7th of December (which is today for about 5 more hours) and then wait for the end of the program (stops paying)

    1. click on the banner, sign up, and deposit. contact me with specific problem if you can’t invest after signing up

  1. Have they just now started ? I have already seen them passing in another review somewhere else October 24. Or have they started again ?

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