Wheel of Bitcoin – ‘Wheel of Fortune’ without the host

We are all familiar with the long running Wheel of Fortune TV game show (if not, lucky you) with the number of episodes now higher than a six year old can count to. The mobile app ‘Wheel of Bitcoin‘ brings you the wheel with bitcoin prizes but not the bad jokes or the surgically enhanced host…

Wheel of Bitcoin is a pretty simple luck-style faucet where you spin the wheel and win a corresponding satoshi prize. The prizes range from 15 to 1,600 satoshi. You have the option to gamble your prize using the ‘double-or-nothing’ button up to two times potentially winning up to 6,400 satoshi.

You can claim up to three times every 30 minutes and there is even a ‘frenzy mode’ where the prize is multiplied by five times. You can win up to 32,000 satsohi in this mode if you successfully double the top prize two times. Frenzy mode is activated every 15 claims.

If you have lots of time in your day you can try and claim big each time, but I find doing small claims to get to frenzy mode and then going for the top prize is more profitable.

Like other faucets, it is saturated with many types of ads including small ever-present ads, one-page static ads, and video ads ranging from 10 to 35 seconds.

Wheel of Bitcoin is available for mobile devices using the Android and Apple platforms.

So, go on, take the bitcoin wheel for a spin and let me humor you!

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  1. Definitely agree about small claims and then get a big one for Frenzy Mode. I’ve got 32000 a few times now.

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