Deposit Included HYIP RCB 100% SCAM

World Miners – profit every day

According to World Miners, bitcoin was created for profit. Not accurate, but it does sound great. What sounds even better is a brand new 10% HYIP from Cryptoshare admin. 10% HYIPs are very risky, but is missing the next Cryptoshare even more risky?

Well, no it’s not. Even though Cryptoshare made it to 320% ROI for early investors, we must always remember that any High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) is risky. But generally, the higher the daily interest, the higher the risk. There has been a number of strong performing 10% programs this year and I think this format is probably the upper limit of semi-sustainable programs. It is a simple fact that higher paying programs are just too risky.

There is nothing new or particularly interesting about the World Miners program, and the design is just a conglomerate of all the previous programs by the same admin. I guess the philosophy here is: when you are on a good thing, stick to it. The same old story about cryptocurrency mining using advanced technologies and algorithms has popped up again. Does anyone actually believe this stuff?

Anyway, there is no real strategy for this one, or any other 10% HYIP for that matter, other than to simply grit your teeth and invest bitcoin early. And, all going well, you will be well and truly past the 100% ROI point by the New Year.

Investment Plans

World Miners has three plans to choose from, but it is really only the 10% daily plan that we are interested in. This will see you to 100% ROI in 10 days which should be reasonable. The other plans require more than 10 BTC. The site is bitcoin only and the minimum investment is 0.001 BTC for the 10% plan. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0005.

If you do invest, make sure you get in early and do not reinvest or add more. Remember to check the start date first, and then the status on my monitor. Most importantly, never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose, no matter how much I ramble on about investment programs.

RCB Offer

As for most HYIPs, I am offering 100% RCB (referral commission back), which means you get back all of the referral commission of the bitcoin you invest from me. The minimum investment is 0.01 BTC to qualify. To claim your RCB, simply use the contact form or email after you have invested and send the following details:

  • Your World Miners username
  • The email address you used for World Miners
  • A screenshot of you main account page
  • A bitcoin wallet address

NOTE: RCBs will be paid after it scams, and you will only receive the RCB if I can get it out of the HYIP.