XBT Freelancer – work for your bitcoin

A simple and obvious way to earn bitcoin is to work for it, and one of the most flexible ways to work is by offering your services as a freelancer on the website XBTFreelancer. Freelancing is great, especially if you have skills across a number of different categories. So, lets’ take a closer look.

It’s pretty simple, and only takes a few seconds to register on the site and get earning. Once registered on the site you can look for suitable work and start bidding right away. You will need to fill in your profile and list as many skills as you have. Remember to be honest.

The more accurate and complete you make you profile, the higher the chance of employers seeking you out and hiring you directly. Once this starts to happen you can start to earn reasonable amounts of bitcoin.

XBT Freelancer

There are numerous project categories, but the majority of the work is focused on software/web design, content writing, translation work, and graphic design. So, if you specialize in any of these you won’t have any problem finding projects. Although, you may struggle to get adequate pay levels on some projects.

If you need work done, you can also post projects easily. As an employer, you post projects on XBTFreelancer free of charge, while as a freelancer (employee) you will pay a 5% fee on all projects that you complete. So, keep that in mind when placing bids on projects.

I’ve been on both ends of the stick when it comes to freelancing work, so I can offer the following tips for both freelancers and employers:

Tips for Freelancers

  • Only bid on projects you specialize in
  • Make sure milestones are in place before starting work
  • Keep a history of interactions with employers so the dispute process is easier (if required)

Tips for Employers

  • Post projects with clear and concise instructions
  • Be very clear about any ‘sensitive’ work and make sure you have an NDA if needed
  • Always communicate clearly during the project and never assume anything!

At times freelancing can be a little tedious, but the flexibility and range of work can really make it worthwhile if you’re motivated and willing to work. So, if you do go for it, I wish you all the best in your freelancing endeavors!